Pharma Tradechem 25 years of Quality

Over the last two and a half decades Pharma Tradechem has established a reputation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Offering products in markets where they were unavailable or expensive or not the right quality and constantly opening up new markets in hitherto unknown territories.

Keeping in mind the dictum, "The bitterness of bad quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is gone", the company's quality speaks for itself, ensuring that the quality specifications do not deviate from the parameters set, throughout the shelf life of the product.

This philosophy has ensured repeat business from loyal customers "hooked onto" good quality, building relationships with clients, suppliers and partners that has weathered the ups and downs of the times.

Our Motto

To be a well-integrated and comprehensive pharmaceutical marketing and trading house offering package and concept selling

To achieve a systematic and wellbalanced growth through increased customer participation and market expansion

To make an impact on international and domestic markets by providing newer products and services according to customer needs

To use our in-depth knowledge of the market to ensure a fair deal to both customers and principals

To provide personalized service, onschedule deliveries and reliable quality at competitive prices at all times

To partner our customers with relevant knowhow, thus growing the local market in client countries

To build sustainable relationships with our customers, beyond the realm of business, creating lasting inter-personal bonds that convert customer relationships into family bonds all across the globe.

The Challenge of Quality

In a world where quality is the biggest challenge, Pharma Tradechem set forth twenty five years ago to enter a dynamic global market: the field of pharmaceutical trading, where sourcing and manufacturing of various products, based on customer demand, is the order of the day and each day presents a new challenge.

But unlike others, Pharma Tradechem set its goals much higher. Its mission was not just to fulfill customer demand but to anticipate it. Not just to meet client expectations but to exceed them. And not just to provide customer service but to set new standards in valueaddition, such as innovative delivery systems. This has also resulted in meeting the demands of a changing market in a more proactive rather than reactive manner.

Pitched against the morals and business ethics of the day, Pharma Tradechem today stands unflinchingly meeting the challenge of quality. Steadfastly constant in fulfilling its mission, yet flexible enough to keep pace with the changing times.